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Our Philosophy

The guiding principles of the Acton-Boxborough K-12 Visual Arts program are the Studio Habits of Mind (Hetland, Winner, et al, Teachers College Press, 2007) and the Teaching for Artistic Behaviors (TAB) curriculum models.  In our classrooms:

  • The student is the artist
  • The classroom is the student’s studio
  • The teacher supports the student’s creative vision

Students are still given direct instruction in a wide variety of media, including drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, fabric, photography, woodworking, and various digital arts, but our paramount concern is to help every student develop a unique creative vision that connects with their individual interests, community, and culture. 

Hover over the Studio Habits of Mind, in the word cloud below, to learn more.

Develop CraftEngage and PersistEnvisionExpressObserveStretch and ExploreUnderstand Art WorldDevelop CraftDevelop CraftDevelop CraftDevelop CraftChris & UmitEngage and PersistEngage and PersistEngage and PersistEngage and PersistEnvisionEnvisionEnvisionReflectEnvisionReflectReflectReflectReflectExpressExpressExpressExpressExpressExpressObserveObserveObserveObserveStretch and ExploreStretch and ExploreStretch and ExploreUnderstand Art WorldUnderstand Art WorldUnderstand Art WorldUnderstand Art WorldDevelop CraftReflectDevelop CraftEngage and PersistReflectUnderstand Art WorldStretch and ExploreReflectStretch and ExploreDevelop CraftObserveObserveEngage and PersistObserveReflect

Meet Our Teachers


Carol Chytil

Administrative Assistant

978-264-4700 ext 3475

Laurie Burns

Ceramics Teacher

Eliza Greene

Studio Arts Teacher

Jack Kline

Industrial Design & Woodworking Teacher

Nat Martin

Photography, Digital & Studio Arts Teacher

Erin Uptegrove

Digital & Studio Arts Teacher

R.J. Grey JHS

Sara Haskin

7th Grade


Holly Nielsen

8th Grade



Brittany Martinez

Blanchard Memorial School

Lauren Donahue

C.T. Douglas Elementary School

Melissa Mastrolia

Luther Conant Elementary School

Ashley Driscoll

McCarthy-Towne Elementary School

Allyson Simes

Merriam Elementary School

Celia Knight

Paul P. Gates Elementary School